Photo: Karl Lovas - Healthy Kids Concepts

Karl Lovas, Founder of Healthy Kids Concepts, has been an entrepreneur all his life, beginning at a very early age as a musician . Karl has acted as president of a corporate Lincoln National office, founder of Venture Mortgage Corporation, and “Lovas Financial Corporation”. He was a co-founder of Lenders Corporation where he served as board chairman for one of California’s largest full service financial companies.

With a interest in health and nutrition, Karl changed his direction to consulting in the food and supplement industry. Over the past 20 years he has contracted with several companies with an emphasis on responsible corporate growth through nutritional integrity and community service.

His passion is children's health welfare. Karl is convinced that through “Healthy Kids Concepts Inc.” he can help parents, and children make better choices in their lives.

Karl is a published author, public speaker, and has served as a director for Big Brothers of America, Juveniles at Risk ,the YMCA, and Sunrise Unity Church. Karl helped to develop CWK foundation as director for “Guy Fieri” of the Cooking Network. Karl has been married to his beautiful wife Cherie, for 30 years, he is a father of six, grandfather of 13 and great grandfather of 1.

Photo: Stephainie Clark & Willow Jjarosh - Healthy Kids Concepts

Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh (C&J Nutrition), Directors of Nutrition, are registered dietitians (RDs) nutritionists with masters degrees in Nutrition Communications from Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Together in 2006, they co-founded C&J Nutrition, a nutrition consulting and communications company dedicated to promoting healthful eating to individuals and groups, one bite at a time. They coach clients towards health and weight goals in their private practice and design and implement workplace wellness programs for companies across the country. The duo offer tips, develops recipes, and meal plans as contributing editors for SELF magazine, bloggers for the Huffington Post, and writers and consultants for media and the food industry. Their goal is to positively change the relationship between people and food, making healthy eating a practical reality for more people...and helping the earth out in the process.

Photo: Marisa Hawk - Healthy Kids Concepts

Marisa Hawk, Marketing Director, Marisa is the Founder of Media ID Inc., a company that drives positive social impact through the development of strategic and revenue generating partnerships in the entertainment industry. An Emmy Award winning television producer, she secured corporate sponsors as well as public and private partnerships for the ABC television series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. The show increased nutritional awareness across the country and advocated for healthier food in schools, resulting in the ongoing overhaul of the Los Angeles Unified School District meal program. She served as the Development Director for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in the US and now focuses her expertise on the development of integrated initiatives that expand awareness for Healthy Kids Concepts programs. She is passionate about food equity and improving the lives of families in compromised communities through increased awareness and access to fresh food.


Photo: Lior Lewensztain - Healthy Kids Concepts

Lior Lewensztain, MD, MBA, Dr. Lior Lewensztain founded That’s it Nutrition with the intention of changing the nutritional landscape in America by putting fruit front and center.  Having both a medical and business background, Dr. Lewensztain brings an integrated approach to marketing and product development that takes into account both the nutritional and medical realities that plague our country, and an understanding of how businesses can make a difference.

Dr. Lewensztain completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California and received his medical degree from the American University of the Caribbean. Following several years in clinical research in oncology and pharmaceutical development, Dr. Lewensztain pursued a Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University, where he focused on entrepreneurship.


Photo: Charles Grix - Healthy Kids Concepts

Charles Grix, Director Healthy Kids Concepts. Research Chemist for 40 years with patents in the areas of water treatment and energetic materials and smart energetic materials. Charles is a long time student of health with a specialized emphasis on the emerging field of epigenetics an nutrigenomics. He loves working with you and serves as the Community Outreach Director for International Mentors of Peace and co-facilitator for the Spiritual Life Center's teen education program. As the grandfather of two girls he is excited and honored to be on the Healthy Kids Concepts team to provide the information, education and programs that will insure a long healthy life for his grand daughters and all children.