The Healthy Kids Concepts Solutions

Solutions need to be multi-faceted and collaborative efforts between families, communities, schools, the food industry, and public and private partnerships. EVERYONE needs to be on board with supporting healthier kids!

Create healthy habits

Healthy Kids Concepts is resolved to create a movement where healthy eating, exercise and fun becomes the norm in the daily lives of our children.

Photo: Children Eating Healthy

Making good food FUN!

Kids like to do and eat things that are fun. So making foods that we want kids to eat MORE of have a fun factor means that they're more likely to eat them. HKC has programs that target children at a young age, when both their attitudes and taste buds are impressionable.

Integrating healthy eating into daily activities

Parent, sibling and peer role models often influence what kids find fun and acceptable to eat. Healthy Kids Concepts in-school educational programs are designed to be easily incorporated into regular classroom activities, such as snack times, and teach kids about colorful foods like fruits and vegetables by incorporating them into fun activities with their peers and associating them with cartoon characters that they can look up to.

Getting kids and families back in the kitchen

Photo: HKC Seal of Approval

When children try something that they love at school, they're more likely to ask their parents to make it, or help them make it, at home. Involving kids in their own food choices helps them "own" what they're eating and take pride in eating it. Research also shows that family meals not only result in better nutrition and eating habits, but they also help build stronger families and keep kids out of trouble.

Healthy Concepts Seal

Our registered dietitian (RD) approved seal helps identify food manufacturers and products that are made with healthful ingredients so that parents can make a supported and informed decision about the foods that they buy.

It takes an army

No one person or organization can tackle the issue on their own. We're developing important partnerships with a variety of public and private organizations to help spread the work and our programs.